1. I suppose it’s three words for me this year: Mileage, Writing, and Calm. Whether it’s walking or eventually getting back to jogging, I want to put miles on my feetsies this year. Writing ’cause…well: writing! Calm just ’cause…I think in 2013, while I was generally mellow, there were some moments where I got wrapped up in the moods of other people, and Cynthia and I — when left to our own devices — are laid back people. So…I want to get calm back.

    I hope once you get moving with 2014 that you’re like Juggernaut and unstoppable once you get moving!

    1. you inspire me, you two. i love your calm. and your feetsies! i think you can track mileage in words as well. because, you know, text is measurable distance, too! 🙂

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