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Hi. My name is Tammy, and I provide many creative services, from graphic design to branding to social media marketing. I like to sum up my enthusiasm for being a "big-picture creative" in one fabulous little proverb:

You will always be lucky if you know
how to make friends with strange cats.

Consider this: cats are tough customers. They are gloriously independent. Their interest in anything that does not directly interest or benefit them is limited. To keep their interest, you must have a compelling reason to keep them engaged with you.

rubicat design, brand, and marketing services


Yep. This weird acronym stands for "what's in it for me?" -- the personal context that wins your customer's attention. We are much like cats; we filter out stuff that, presently, neither interests nor benefits us. Have you ever tried to have a conversation about fixing a leaky faucet when your audience is watching the fourth quarter of a close game? Yeah. That. The Possum (my cat, above) is a loving cat. But if he's inclined to nap away the afternoon or do cat-things, we humans need to have a compelling reason for him to turn his focus toward us.

hey, this sounds familiar...

That message we're trying to get across to our audience was, traditionally, outbound marketing. Social media -- and the visual nature of online marketing and interaction -- has disrupted that marketing model. While I'm still creating EDDM mailings for my customers, let's face it: the majority of marketing pieces that arrive in your mailboxes--the one on your porch AND the one on your computer--end up in the recycling bin, under your parrot's cage bottom, or as packing for the figurines you're sending to your eBay buyers.

Unless your roof just got attacked by a tree, and a postcard for roofing services just showed up. THEN you're interested, right?

Marketing is now inbound, which means that you should aim to put yourself "out there" to be found by interested customers. From your words, to images you choose, and the channels you use, you must capture and keep the attention of your audience, from initial awareness of your existence to point-of-sale and beyond. This is your brand: an extension of you, and a living part of your company, responsible for how others view you, your product or service, and your reputation. Your brand must be genuine, useful, and interesting.

here's where I come in.

I provide creative services ranging from print design to online customer engagement. My deep, almost-overzealous enthusiasm for brand allows me to create a comprehensive strategy that makes sense for you and your goals. I create visual designs worthy of capturing and keeping your audience's interest.

My services include print and Web design, social media management, writing, editing, publishing, photography, content marketing, and public relations. I bring a big-picture approach to creative that results in a lot of bang for you budget!

Tammy really does live up to all the standards of a great service provider. In addition to providing creative results, which are superlative, she really is an expert in her fields of photography and graphic design. She produces work on time, in the manner agreed upon, at a great value. ...She took my concept and brought it to life... She is patient to a fault with her clients (including me) and is the kind of person that will bend over backwards to accommodate the customer. (Linkedin recommendation)


My design services are $50.00 per hour, after a free initial planning consultation. I strive to ensure that your experience is pleasant, from our initial meeting to your wonderful Yelp review. If you are interested in hiring a well-rounded designer who can provide writing, editing, photography, and a whole bunch of other creative services, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!



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