nice to meet you.

I’ve been called a one-stop creative shop, with services including graphic design, social media, writing, publishing, photography, content marketing, and branding. My big-picture approach to creative motivates me to understand how message, identity, and audience all influence graphic design and delivery.


“Words cannot describe how incredibly talented Tammy is. …. While Tammy’s gift for design is unique, what I have come to appreciate is her ability to turn things around with great speed and accuracy. I don’t know what I would do without her.” (Linkedin recommendation)

how i got here.

My “what I want to be when I grew up” plans had always included journalism. In college, I was a writer and photographer for the newspaper and yearbook. I studied Mass Media, Communications, and photography. When I discovered the Internet in January 1993 and met an M.I.T. student in an online chatroom, I decided to put graduate school off for a year, and …my. Where did the time go?

Over 20 years spent in Boston, with a two-year pit stop in Minneapolis, saw my career evolve from communications to creative. Beginning at Aquent in Boston in 1997, I learned that PowerPoint was a gateway drug to print production and graphic design. I owe a LOT of my professional development to Aquent, who provided on-the-job training and kept me challenged with new projects.

In 1999, I was hired by my assigned company as a PowerPoint specialist. I ended up managing a staff of five, offering a range of creative services, including presentations and print design, for management consultants. A company merger in 2002 resulted in layoffs, and I then became inspired to jump into freelance design.

why rubicat?

Since 2003, I’ve been providing creative services under this whimsical name. I have a deep appreciation for cats, and a fondness for deep red colours. I wanted to include these elements in my professional name. One day, I was in a silly mood. And the word “rubicat” just popped into my head and refused to leave! It stuck. And you may have noticed my headers, which feature my red background and cats!

a creative by any other name…

Whether you need a visual designer, graphic designer, brand manager, production artist, or communications specialist, I’ll bring more than you expect! Check out my resume for a more in-depth look at my skills and accomplishments.