recipe: cilantro-avocado chicken

i have been cooking for others for a very long time. food is love, and i'm a very loving person. 🙂 i have posted my recipes online for others, but i had never thought about actually putting a recipe in my blog... but why not? cooking for others is as much a part of me…Read more recipe: cilantro-avocado chicken


i am craving cheese and chocolate fondue. Wine Cellar, Boston. 2008.  

don’t fear the weird.

My culinary upbringing was fairly normal for someone raised by an English cook: meat in gravy, canned vegetables, potatoes, and bread. Nothing terribly exotic nor complex save for holiday dinners, where the number of side dishes doubled. The most adventurous things I ate were cockles and whelks—pickled, messy, and served in paper boats on the…Read more don’t fear the weird.


Today I attended a Mother's Day cooking class at Kareem's Restaurant (formerly Yasin Culinary). I have attended several of chef Ahmad's classes; each class features amazing gourmet dishes from Syria, all with Ahmad's own style and passion for fresh flavours. Today's class began with a wonderful chickpea and fava bean salad, very rich in flavor but not too heavy.…Read more Kareem’s

Teas and accessories: an interview with tea sommelier Cynthia Gold

Cynthia Gold is a tea sommelier at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. In our last interview she discussed the history and culture of tea. Now she'll help the tea enthusiast navigate the ever-growing landscape of tea merchants, accessories, and both local and online resources. Q: For a coffee drinker wanting to switch to tea, which teas would…Read more Teas and accessories: an interview with tea sommelier Cynthia Gold

Tea history and culture, with tea sommelier Cynthia Gold

Cynthia Gold is one of the few tea sommeliers in the world. Boston Park Plaza's Swan's Café is the venue through which Cynthia presents not only afternoon tea and tastings, but cocktails and tea cuisine highlighting the amazing versatility and variety of tea. After many trips to China, India, and Sri Lanka, Cynthia brought the beauty of the tea…Read more Tea history and culture, with tea sommelier Cynthia Gold

Syrian cooking classes: Kareem’s offers healthy spring dishes

Spring officially starts on March 20, and with the change in season comes a new approach to food. Comfort food is the norm during the chilly winter months, but spring makes us think of warmer days and lighter fare. Thankfully, Boston is rich with a diverse array of healthy food. One such beacon of fresh,…Read more Syrian cooking classes: Kareem’s offers healthy spring dishes

brownies: good for stress.

I'm having the type of week (well, weeks, actually) that requires brownie intervention. Thankfully, with the help of the Brownie Truffle mix from Trader Joe's with little caramel bits interspersed for good measure, I can handle the stress. Now if only I had time to nap.

Eating for health and balance

Nutrition counselor Tricia McCauley provides basics for healthy, balanced eating.

The best lentil soup ever made

Most people view lentils as a legume best left to expert cooks. However, their nutritional benefits and relative ease of preparation make them a staple ingredient in any kitchen pantry. Whether you're struggling to maintain a healthy eatingregimen, or made a New Year's resolution to eat more whole foods, lentils should be at the top of your grocery…Read more The best lentil soup ever made