Collaboration Workshop

In December 2015, I created, designed, and presented a workshop on Collaborative Partnerships at the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) “Hire Ed” Conference. I represented Northern Virginia Community College’s Workforce Development Division with two of my colleagues.

I created the original concept of “AIM For Success” – taking the ideas of Audience, Ideas, and Mechanics, and then combined it with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) expertise from Edythe Richards, a Career Counselor, MBTI® Master Practitioner, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner for Arlington County. Edythe and I combined our ideas into an hour-long presentation and workshop.

Selected slides from the presentation (15 of 25 slides):

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Printed worksheets and reference materials, which were provided in a folder to attendees of the workshop:

We taught an audience of 45 Community College administrators about the basics of EQ, “AIM,” and collaboration to achieve common goals. Our combined ideas created a well-rounded workshop, which  was well-received at the conference.

Edythe Richards begins the module on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).