Underdog ResQ

Underdog ResQ is an “equal opportunity” dog rescue specializing in difficult-to-place breeds and dogs affected by breed-specific legislation. I volunteered my photography and design services for this worthy cause; I created a yearly calendar showcasing dogs’ stories, designed various promotional flyers and web banners to help raise awareness of Underdog ResQ, and held holiday photo sessions with proceeds donated to the organization.
[Tammy] has helped get hard-to-place dogs adopted by portraying them in beautiful images as a result of her photo shoots… Despite this being a volunteer job Tammy maintains a very professional work ethic. …She is very easy to work with and a pleasure to have around.  She goes out of her way to offer her creative eye in a professional manner and accepts new ideas willingly.  As the founder of the organization I consider Tammy’s work invaluable as it makes our organization stand out amongst many …  (Yelp review excerpt from Lina H., Underdog ResQ founder)

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we have been so fortunate to have Tammy as a volunteer designer and photographer.  …  The pictures are beautiful and I ask myself how did she get him to pose like that?  Tammy put me to ease during the session as well.  Absolutely beautiful work!  The lighting and texture are glorious.  (Yelp review excerpt from Susan C., Underdog ResQ foster volunteer)