Writing: Boston Ethnic Food Examiner

These articles were originally written for Examiner.com, which ceased operations in 2016. I shared my love of food through writing articles, as a hobby that allowed me to discover new cuisines and keep me writing on a regular basis.

These articles have been posted to my blog for archival purposes.

Don’t fear the weird (January 2011)

Tea and Accessories: an interview with tea sommelier Cynthia Gold (May 2010)

Tea History and Culture: an interview with tea sommelier Cynthia Gold (April 2010)

Kibbeh (March 2010)

Syrian Cooking Classes: Kareem’s Offers Healthy Spring Dishes (February 2010)

The best lentil soup ever made (January 2010)

Ayurveda: eating for health and balance (January 2010)

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