facebook for small business


Pagemodo posted a nifty infographic detailing how small businesses use Facebook…

Most of my design clients are small businesses, and everyone has realized the value of social media in their business strategy. I have long held the belief that you must go to where your customers are, whether that happens to be Facebook, Twitter, or local community pages.

Facebook is akin to the company water cooler or corner coffee shop, where colleagues and people with like interests gather to discuss what’s important to them. Business owners develop a healthy respect for this trend, but many don’t quite know how to use it.

view the entire post at Pagemodo to see a lot more! And of course, a shameless plug for me and my design skills: if you have a small business and find the entire “being online” idea daunting, I can help demystify social media and provide you with a plan that works for you and your business.


    1. It’s a difficult thing, I think… I’m a freelancer, and I’ve dealt with the feeling of jumping off the cliff into the sea of social media and online whatnot. Thankfully, I’ve gotten my bearings, and enjoy helping others. Good luck with using Facebook and other sites to help your business! 🙂

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