Cybersecurity: closing the Workforce gap

A flurry of recent articles have revealed a growing problem that is particularly troublesome in light of recent cyberattacks on Government entities, including the White HouseU.S. Postal Service, and National Weather Service. Cybersecurity is a buzzword in IT circles, but students aren’t flocking to government-based job openings. Why? Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp cites low pay compared to private-sector jobs:

…the government’s midcentury personnel structure needs an overhaul to fit today’s needs. And yes, bureaucratic systems like the security-clearance process can make it hard for workers to flow in and out of government. And the country overall needs more professionals trained in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and math. But there are things that agencies can do right now to address their pressing need for cybersecurity talent. …The growing awareness of cyber threats has made talented cybersecurity workers a hot commodity worldwide. (read the full article)

This sentiment is echoed in a Washington Post article, citing a Partnership for Public Service report that calls the Federal cyber workforce “woefully inadequate.”

A shortage of IT and Cybersecurity professionals is not limited to government, however. A article ups the ante: “The entire world appears to be in the same boat.” Drawing data from a Frost & Sullivan study on the Global Information Security Workforce, the worldwide demand for security professionals is far greater than the number of qualified people to fill available positions.

While both government and private-sector companies find ways to woo critically-needed talent to the field of cybersecurity, NOVA’s Workforce Development Division is ready to train the next generation of IT security professionals with Cybersecurity certificate programs and courses tailored to entry-level through advanced learners.Cybersecurity certificate programs at NOVA

Cybersecurity certificate programs
at NOVA’s Workforce Development Division

Meeting the demands of the Information Security industry, our Cybersecurity programs focus on the fundamentals of network protection, information assurance, preventing attacks, ensuring privacy, and gaining an understanding of the ethical, legal, and regulatory world of cybersecurity. Our classes will prepare you for several industry certification exams.

If you have ever wanted to explore a career in Cybersecurity, now is an excellent time to begin your training; the government is finding ways to attract new talent to meet the growing need.

(not all courses are offered every semester.)

If you are interested in the Cybersecurity Certificate program offered through NOVA’s Workforce Development Division, please contact IT Program Manager Scott Wood at

I originally wrote this article for NOVA Workforce Development Division’s blog.

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