spooky kitties need love too

august 17 is black cat appreciation day.

Life With Cats discusses the origin of black cat appreciation day, a day that needs to be recognized due to the bias against black cats in shelters. it boggles my mind that the colour of a cat’s fur supersedes its personality or other atrributes. last january, I adopted viktor-kitty, a tuxedo-esque black cat, from Stray Pets in Need in natick, massachusetts. he had been languishing in the shelter for months due to the bias against him.

viktor, however, has turned out to be one of the biggest cuddlesluts of a cat we have ever known; we are reaping the benefit of others’ prejudices against colour.

and yes, there’s a parallel here that applies to people. why deny yourself the wonderful gift inside if you’re too busy agonizing over the giftwrap? silly humans.

Petra, a shelter kitty.



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