yes, that is a really bad pun. one of the things i love about cats is their ability to switch from being adorable to contemplative in short order. for all we know, hubert here could be starting at a squirrel outside or reminiscing over the meaning of life. you just never quite know. at any…Read more paw-nderous

friday feline

cats offer us reminders of slowing down, finding the warm sunbeam, and just taking it easy amid an otherwise hectic day. and yes, a cat's day can be hectic; they just happen to shove all the activity into ten-minute bursts of hoopy-looped crazy bolting around the house. "you should come sit here. next to me.…Read more friday feline

a knight in shining…er…brocade

Puck (photographed in 2007) is ready to save his damsel in distress, wearing a fashionable cape that i made for the shoot. Isn't he gallant?

armand and tt.pig

During a recent poring-through of photos for CavyMadness, my guinea pig site, I came across some old images that were sad and beautiful. This is my cat, Armand, who was something of a herder-cat. When the guinea pigs were out for floor or bed time, Armand would always be nearby, keeping a watchful eye. Sometimes…Read more armand and tt.pig

cat therapy

  you almost want to put a pair of spectacles on him and tell him about your stress, don't you?

new year

rather than the weighty resolutions, i'd like to resolve to break a record for cat-snorgling, write something pithy and nonsensical at least once per week, or perhaps calculate the ooze-momentum of various brands of caramel. (that last one was inspired by Cadbury's Dairy Milk caramels, which seem to hold their shape until you have the…Read more new year

spooky kitties: isis

in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, i bring you isis, a petite little spooky kitty with gorgeous eyes. she lives in boston with her brother ion, also a spooky kitty.

spooky kitties need love too

august 17 is black cat appreciation day. Life With Cats discusses the origin of black cat appreciation day, a day that needs to be recognized due to the bias against black cats in shelters. it boggles my mind that the colour of a cat's fur supersedes its personality or other atrributes. last january, I adopted…Read more spooky kitties need love too

catloaf, bunloaf

I love some of the caption suggestions for my last post. My favourite, though, has to be "Tuna? PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!" I find animals to be endlessly entertaining. Hence, my general niche of pet photography. While I've been shooting circus performers and belly dancers (both of which are going to be posted here…Read more catloaf, bunloaf


today i photographed two rather hyperactive (but very cute!) pups and one unimpressed kitty. usually i have a few photos taken during a session that just beg for a macro. today, the kitty was unmoved by our attempts to get her attention to look cute in the general direction of the camera. ...she was on…Read more outtakes


viktorkitty understands that the proximity of his belly to my hands is directly proportional to the chance he's going to get rubbies. he also needs to learn that the proximity of his head to my keyboard is inversely proportional to being a good kitty. he does make a cute paperweight, though. there is a notepad…Read more papurrr-weight


i had the pleasure of photographing ghost as both a kitten and a gorgeous full-grown cat. i thought today required an amazing amount of fluffy!

everything will be okay.

today is my birthday. these days can bring introspection, moreso than on other days. today in particular i was thinking about how i arrived at where i am in life, and for once i'm confident that everything will be okay. a friend offered me reassurance about my anxieties, and to show this sentiment in a…Read more everything will be okay.

bowser claws

the flurry of the holiday began early for me; as soon as Halloween was over, I assembled my "studio" in my living room (it's a sad hodgepodge, but it works) and offered to do headshots for some practice. I ended up with the lions' share of photography projects, including catalogue shoots for two latex designers,…Read more bowser claws