yes, that is a really bad pun. one of the things i love about cats is their ability to switch … More

friday feline

cats offer us reminders of slowing down, finding the warm sunbeam, and just taking it easy amid an otherwise hectic … More

cat therapy

  you almost want to put a pair of spectacles on him and tell him about your stress, don’t you?

new year

rather than the weighty resolutions, i’d like to resolve to break a record for cat-snorgling, write something pithy and nonsensical … More

spooky kitties: isis

in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, i bring you isis, a petite little spooky kitty with gorgeous eyes. she … More


today i photographed two rather hyperactive (but very cute!) pups and one unimpressed kitty. usually i have a few photos … More


i had the pleasure of photographing ghost as both a kitten and a gorgeous full-grown cat. i thought today required … More