yarr. ‘ere be knowledge.


today is international talk like a pirate day. random, you say? Well, consider that it’s also national butterscotch pudding day, which makes me wonder: where’s the love for pistachio pudding? or tapioca? september 22 is hobbit day, the mutual middle earth birthdays of frodo and bilbo baggins, as well as wife appreciation day (though some would argue that EVERY day is wife appreciation day….).

so i’ll honor (prematurely) ask a stupid question day – held 27 september this year – and ponder how these silly holidays get started. daysoftheyear.com has a handy list of holidays, so you can marvel over all the crazy holidays that we enjoy each year. hey, did you know that september is national chicken month? which poses an interesting dilemma of appreciating chickens… with recipes. um, shouldn’t we appreciate chickens by NOT eating them?

personally, i’m looking forward to national punctuation day, even though i quietly observe the oxford comma and correct use of punctuation every day. and if you find all these days overwhelming, take note of 20 october this year, and celebrateĀ information overload day by turning off the devices.



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