dogs! jumping! outside!

Our very serious focus group determined that dog agility would make for a lovely series of photos. Behold, a lovely series of dog agility photos!   um, what are you doing in this project? you're not a dog. baaa... er, bark?  no, goat. bad goat. this is not for you. you're not the boss of…Read more dogs! jumping! outside!


look, i'm sorry i got all nippy last time. it's not like i'm lucy with the football. i won't try to snatch it away from you this time. promise. go ahead... take the ball and throw it for me! taken with my iPhone, Gloucester, Massachusetts. 23 degrees outside!  

yarr. ‘ere be knowledge.

today is international talk like a pirate day. random, you say? Well, consider that it's also national butterscotch pudding day, which makes me wonder: where's the love for pistachio pudding? or tapioca? september 22 is hobbit day, the mutual middle earth birthdays of frodo and bilbo baggins, as well as wife appreciation day (though some…Read more yarr. ‘ere be knowledge.


I thwear, you are just looking thpiffy today! Theriously, where did you get that enthemble? *adoring gaze*


i snapped this photo of my neighbour's cat in 2009. it makes me laugh every time i look at it, but i have never quite been able to caption it. what are your thoughts?


today i photographed two rather hyperactive (but very cute!) pups and one unimpressed kitty. usually i have a few photos taken during a session that just beg for a macro. today, the kitty was unmoved by our attempts to get her attention to look cute in the general direction of the camera. ...she was on…Read more outtakes


to answer a friend's question about the sound of a raspberry. of course, there are many variations on the spelling, but the "pft" or "pht" sounds should be present. thus ends our quite scientific query for the day.


On Wednesdays weekday woes can lurk, And witty writings will not work. I've got an acute need for perk, Thus: emergency Chihuahua. Scooby here was rescued through Underdog and its foster crew Of volunteers who rescue slews Of pit bulls and chihuahuas. But not just those two breeds, of course; From tiny pups to big-as-horse,…Read more scooby