Brands and Social Shenanigans

Just saw this Gawker article on Brands and their “curious” use of social media to generate warm fuzzies among their target audience. Some good points in here.

Brands Are Not Your Friends, by Sam Biddle

Read the whole article on



  1. I work in a marketing group and sometimes hear plans and think, “You would be better off not trying so hard.” I’ve seen some brands on Twitter have some decent two-way interaction with people, but they are still there with the goal of making money. I like that this piece reminds people of that. I can’t imagine being like, “Well, I have been friends with Tammy for this much time, but my return on investment just isn’t being met, so…time to end that friendship!” Even the friendliest brands end things, though, if goals aren’t being met. That alone…they aren’t our friends.

    Some are cool, some are fun, and some are just sinister…but they aren’t my friends.

    1. As you so often do, Christopher– you’re right on target. I think many brands forget that social media is not the sales platform; it’s the top-of-mind platform. And unfortunately, the “SELL! SELL! SELL!” pressure is so farking huge that tact just sorta flies out the window.

      I’m fascinated by this stuff, really….

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