ah, easter. when everyone’s minds turns to little fluffy bunnies. i always feel sorry for animals that end up becoming a holiday-oriented item, since marketing doesn’t quite mention “and this little bunny will live for several years!” when selling the tiny little bunnies in stores. same for chicks, even though the threat of, oh, salmonella will certainly cause many parents to think twice before they put the little ball of soon-to-be-the-cat’s-favourite-toy on the easter shopping list.

in all seriousness, though, spring—and easter, and the blossoming promise of warm weather and sunny days ahead—goes hand in hand with rabbits and birds and all sorts of newly-emerged critters. i currently have a roving band of robins scouring through my newly-raked garden plot, seeking out grubs to eat before the mulch covers up their buffet.

i like spring. i like bunnies.


i photographed this cute bunny a few years ago. he is one of five very well-loved house-bunnies who live with a member of the house rabbit society up in massachusetts.  he was a little camera shy.


  1. So true!

    Would you mind giving a shout out to support the house rabbit society’s annual ‘make mine chocolate’ campaign to encourage gifts of chocolate bunnies instead of live animals? Too many families end up unprepared to deal with the adorable bunnies they purchase on a whim. The lifespan of a rabbit is around 8-12yrs. Thanks!

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