on gamification

I've been pondering the intersection of social media and games. Gaming, at its core, develops skills and strategies that can be applied to real-world scenarios; one friend of mine described skills acquired during her Final Fantasy XI days as training for her role as an office manager. Another friend, a software engineer and avid gamer, approaches his gaming with…Read more on gamification

facebook for small business

  Pagemodo posted a nifty infographic detailing how small businesses use Facebook... Most of my design clients are small businesses, and everyone has realized the value of social media in their business strategy. I have long held the belief that you must go to where your customers are, whether that happens to be Facebook, Twitter,…Read more facebook for small business

content: social selling online

One of my basic lessons to any client wondering about social media and SEO is to "go where the people are." It is not up to companies to determine where they want to post content; it is up to the audience to drive where the content should be posted. Marketing has changed in this manner.…Read more content: social selling online


Arlington Community Network is a nonprofit organization seeking to provide a comprehensive town-wide resource to businesses, residents, and organizations. I created the logo, brand, and all print/Web design. I also put together the monthly Town Calendar, distributed to member businesses in Arlington. I am responsible for layout, editing, and final printing of the calendars. Below…Read more ACN

lucky bob

Sandwich board poster (22x28 in.) for Lucky Bob, a prop comic, juggler, and street performer. This was a fun project. 🙂