hard work

I had an interview in late January that was a perfect fit for me, from the organizational culture to the job duties. My interview with the CEO was a long, leisurely chat about concepts and goals, since it was decided early on that my technical skills would meet all of the organization's needs (and then some). A small…Read more hard work

What is a graphic designer? Flow chart from Briteskies.com blog

Job search strategies for creatives: 2016

I quit my job. I enjoyed the variety and challenges that populated my daily workload, but a part-time gig with limited advancement or professional development didn't provide the permanence and teamwork that I need from a job. So, I'm off to my bright future. Or, my What I Want to Be When I Grow Up that never really came to…Read more Job search strategies for creatives: 2016

the gig economy versus full time employees

I have served as a creative on both sides of this fence; my last full-time position, working for a strategic management consulting company, was 1999-2002. After my layoff, I decided to work as a contractor, which was quite the shift! Autonomy was great, but I missed the stability and "buy in" that comes with working…Read more the gig economy versus full time employees


viktorkitty understands that the proximity of his belly to my hands is directly proportional to the chance he's going to get rubbies. he also needs to learn that the proximity of his head to my keyboard is inversely proportional to being a good kitty. he does make a cute paperweight, though. there is a notepad…Read more papurrr-weight


Arlington Community Network is a nonprofit organization seeking to provide a comprehensive town-wide resource to businesses, residents, and organizations. I created the logo, brand, and all print/Web design. I also put together the monthly Town Calendar, distributed to member businesses in Arlington. I am responsible for layout, editing, and final printing of the calendars. Below…Read more ACN