ah, easter. when everyone's minds turns to little fluffy bunnies. i always feel sorry for animals that end up becoming a holiday-oriented item, since marketing doesn't quite mention "and this little bunny will live for several years!" when selling the tiny little bunnies in stores. same for chicks, even though the threat of, oh, salmonella…Read more bunny

is not a carrot.

looks like it might be fun. makes a strange noise when i nose-bunt it. but, it is not a carrot. i've been cute for you. you have photos. where's my carrot? *nose bunt* ...no, still not a carrot. (2006)

droll bunny

i find it interesting that bunnies tend to have very stoic faces (apropos of the 'disapproving bunny' memes about). despite being a rather cuddly, personable bunny, harvey still manages to have this very droll expression. imagine it: "really? you're going to wear that? in public?"   yes, harvey. i'm poking fun at you. i shall…Read more droll bunny