why? *head tilt*

cats rule the internet. i get that. but there are so many cute and wonderful things other than cats, aren't there? like puppies? and then there are the more subtle things, like gargoyles and bunnies and ponderous things ... *sigh* it really is about the cats, isn't it. what's a puppy to do? there's no…Read more why? *head tilt*

dozer: see? tiny!

Here's a photo of Dozer, showing his tiny little wrinkled puppy self. Yes, you may audibly AWWWWW at your screen. 🙂

happy fourth of july…

here's Dozer, a little puppy whose tiny little paws are roughly about the size of a quarter. yep, this little guy needs to grow into his wrinkles.  i realize Dozer has essentially nothing to do with the fourth of july, but I seem to have a dearth of photos invoking patriotism. but i figure EVERY day…Read more happy fourth of july…


but.. you won't take it away, will you? my nommy thing? mine! please? baroo?   sammy, photographed for a book. and obviously having some trust issues.