after many photos of dogs jumping outside (along with one goat), i have one more to offer. this was taken several years ago in burlington, vermont. i watched as this dog bounded down the pier and threw himself into lake champlain with happy abandon. he would swim back and repeat the process about four times before…Read more jump

the road is long. my feet are tiny.

i am inspired by those who dare to go after a dream, who find that someone moved their cheese or the path less travelled ended up overrun with thorns--and still soldier on, adjusting the route and enjoying the unexpected scenery along the way. whatever you do in life, whatever the goal, the dream, the journey...…Read more the road is long. my feet are tiny.

mindful meerkat

so on thursday people gave thanks for all that is beautiful and good in their lives, and then went bazoinks on friday to get the new shiny things that would go under dead trees in a month. me? i'm just a meerkat, sorta wondering what to eat for dinner. it's good to be a meerkat.…Read more mindful meerkat

why? *head tilt*

cats rule the internet. i get that. but there are so many cute and wonderful things other than cats, aren't there? like puppies? and then there are the more subtle things, like gargoyles and bunnies and ponderous things ... *sigh* it really is about the cats, isn't it. what's a puppy to do? there's no…Read more why? *head tilt*

friday feline

warm billowy fleece whiskers twitch; all is peaceful in the feline world delilah kitten. 2004.

i say no to donuts.

there is something oddly therapeutic about sad, cute animals. they will plead at you with giant, watery eyes for that treat you have hidden behind your back. they will look askance at you before bounding off into their safe haven. they will baroo? at you until you give them that soft belly rub or scritches behind…Read more i say no to donuts.

everything will be okay.

today is my birthday. these days can bring introspection, moreso than on other days. today in particular i was thinking about how i arrived at where i am in life, and for once i'm confident that everything will be okay. a friend offered me reassurance about my anxieties, and to show this sentiment in a…Read more everything will be okay.