On Wednesdays weekday woes can lurk,
And witty writings will not work.
I’ve got an acute need for perk,
Thus: emergency Chihuahua.

Scooby here was rescued through
Underdog and its foster crew
Of volunteers who rescue slews
Of pit bulls and chihuahuas.

But not just those two breeds, of course;
From tiny pups to big-as-horse,
Equal opportunity’s in force
For doggies – ay, chihuahua!

(this is often what happens when I have too much work to do)


    1. Hi Cheryl! Yes, I intend to send the photos to all of the Underdogs and their persons…. I just need to get the calendar settled first, and then you should be getting a CD in a week or two! Sorry for the delay. There are some lovely shots of Scooby in the bunch. 🙂

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