after many photos of dogs jumping outside (along with one goat), i have one more to offer. this was taken several years ago in burlington, vermont. i watched as this dog bounded down the pier and threw himself into lake champlain with happy abandon. he would swim back and repeat the process about four times before…Read more jump

dogs! jumping! outside!

Our very serious focus group determined that dog agility would make for a lovely series of photos. Behold, a lovely series of dog agility photos!   um, what are you doing in this project? you're not a dog. baaa... er, bark?  no, goat. bad goat. this is not for you. you're not the boss of…Read more dogs! jumping! outside!

focus group

after a bagful of crunchy treats and many hydrant breaks, the very serious research panel that i use for determining what posts i should add to my blog has determined a series of posts should be devoted to... dogs! jumping! outside!* thank you for your participation. ladies and gentlemen: SCIENCE. and two seriously enthusiastic pups. *of…Read more focus group

when it rains…

…cute pups like Guapa don morton salt girl raincoats and remind us that it can't be sunny ALL the time. thankfully, there are always cute things to make us smile when it's wet and icky outside.


since i've moved away from Boston, i am no longer able to photograph the wonderful pups available for adoption through Underdog ResQ. like Eve here, all swaddled up in a blanket because the world out there is really scary for a timid pup. look at that eyebrow! Barooooo! some days i feel like this too,…Read more burrito.

i say no to donuts.

there is something oddly therapeutic about sad, cute animals. they will plead at you with giant, watery eyes for that treat you have hidden behind your back. they will look askance at you before bounding off into their safe haven. they will baroo? at you until you give them that soft belly rub or scritches behind…Read more i say no to donuts.


in 2005 my husband and i visited St. Martin. We stayed at Baie Orientale, a beautiful beach with fine white sand and crystal water, protected by distant mountains. It was gentle. Calm. Two years later, I met a beautiful family with a collection of rescue pups (and rats, and hammies, and chickens!), one of which…Read more baie


yesterday i said goodbye to a close friend (i'm moving to washington, d.c. next week), and boarded the green line train to boston. exhausted from the stress of a divorce and moving to a new city, i sat down and closed my eyes for a while. when i opened my eyes, the train was full and…Read more cookie


Maverick wa such a patient model for the Underdog ResQ holiday shoot. Those EARS - you can't even see the reindeer antlers!

the holidays are better with sock monkeys.

Brandy seems to think so. You should get your own sock monkey! Broken ornaments? Sock monkey did it. All the brandy is gone? You know that cheeky little monkey did it. Really, they're all-purpose monkeys...


Continuing the parade of pups from the LaundroMutt photo shoot to benefit Underdog ResQ, I bring you... a fluffy Husky! Seriously. Have you ever SEEN a fluffy Husky? I certainly hadn't, until Meeka sauntered into the studio and had us all wrapped around her fluffy little paws in minutes. Isn't she gorgeous?

angie wishes you a happy Hanukkah

Angie, a very sweet English Mastiff, joined us last Sunday for my holiday photo fundraiser at LaundroMutt in Cambridge. We raised over $500 to benefit Underdog ResQ's dogs in need! Stay tuned: I'll be featuring more happy holiday pups until Christmas!

howloween: RAAAAR

photos from last week, raising some money for Underdog ResQ! I have another photo shoot fundraiser coming up on Sunday, 2 December at LaundroMutt at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, so save the date! Smokey, Rocky, Mia, Luna, Boulder & Pebbles, and Artie.


never underestimate the healing power of puppies. this is from a past photo shoot; i came across this image while searching for something to use for a flyer. i have wanted to Photoshop a cape into this photo for a while now. 🙂 i haven't been able to sort through photos and post to this…Read more superpuppy


among all of my pet photography projects, one of my most memorable shoots was a dog agility course at Guilford Fair (VT) in 2009. I enjoyed capturing all the happy faces of the pups in midair! I hope to have the opportunity to photograph another agility course. I have also seen cat agility videos on…Read more agile


today i had an Underdog ResQ photo shoot with Tessa, a gorgeous, happy girl who was very attentive to her people. i still haven't gone through the photos, but i felt that an outtake would be cute to share. this photo needs a funny caption. i shall soon be putting together the Underdog ResQ 2013…Read more tessa


i have many photos of pups at play. i'm going to use them to coerce people to send me various used dog toys, still in good condition, for a project. if you have gently-used dog toys, whether they are squeaky toys, balls, lone sneakers, or anything that can be considered a dog toy, please email…Read more ball!


On Wednesdays weekday woes can lurk, And witty writings will not work. I've got an acute need for perk, Thus: emergency Chihuahua. Scooby here was rescued through Underdog and its foster crew Of volunteers who rescue slews Of pit bulls and chihuahuas. But not just those two breeds, of course; From tiny pups to big-as-horse,…Read more scooby

underdogs: lucy & esmerelda

On Sunday, I photographed two lovely little Pittie-mix puppies who are currently up for adoption through Underdog ResQ. These two adorable girls are named Lucy and Esmerelda, and both were born in May of 2011. You can meet both Lucy and Esmerelda on Underdog's "Available Dogs" pages. They are both currently on page 2 of…Read more underdogs: lucy & esmerelda


....or it might be Renny; I have trouble telling the two Chihuahuas apart.