i say no to donuts.

there is something oddly therapeutic about sad, cute animals. they will plead at you with giant, watery eyes for that treat you have hidden behind your back. they will look askance at you before bounding off into their safe haven.

they will baroo? at you until you give them that soft belly rub or scritches behind the ears.

and then you’ll feel better. because, like them, all you want is to know that a little bit of love can, indeed, make it better.

and unlike many other things, love does not deplete when given out with impunity. it comes back to us and makes us warm and makes us smile and sends us back out into the world in a happier space.

but some, like Ginger, will simply *facepalm* at you.

at us.

Ginger thinks that we should just suck it up already and go eat a donut.

i say no to donuts.


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