armand and tt.pig

During a recent poring-through of photos for CavyMadness, my guinea pig site, I came across some old images that were sad and beautiful. This is my cat, Armand, who was something of a herder-cat. When the guinea pigs were out for floor or bed time, Armand would always be nearby, keeping a watchful eye. Sometimes he would groom them (which ended up on both CuteOverload and Cheezburger), and sometimes he would just provide a warm, fluffy haven. And as soon as a peeg would snuggle up against him, he would purr loudly. It was the encapsulation of all that is serene and beautiful in my small world.


This image is from 2003, when TT, a visiting peeg, snuggled up against Armand and went to sleep. AWWW.

Armand was indeed one amazing kitty.


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