sprinkle the love around

in memory of Sprinkles, my friend's guinea pig. she was such a sweet girl, always adorable and yet appearing slightly terrified. why are you so scared, Sprinkles? "there's something red in here. what is it?" "it's a slice of red bell pepper, Sprinkles. it's yummy." "but what if it comes alive like a vegetable tentacle…Read more sprinkle the love around

armand and tt.pig

During a recent poring-through of photos for CavyMadness, my guinea pig site, I came across some old images that were sad and beautiful. This is my cat, Armand, who was something of a herder-cat. When the guinea pigs were out for floor or bed time, Armand would always be nearby, keeping a watchful eye. Sometimes…Read more armand and tt.pig