hard work

I had an interview in late January that was a perfect fit for me, from the organizational culture to the job duties. My interview with the CEO was a long, leisurely chat about concepts and goals, since it was decided early on that my technical skills would meet all of the organization's needs (and then some). A small…Read more hard work


among all of my pet photography projects, one of my most memorable shoots was a dog agility course at Guilford Fair (VT) in 2009. I enjoyed capturing all the happy faces of the pups in midair! I hope to have the opportunity to photograph another agility course. I have also seen cat agility videos on…Read more agile


today i had an Underdog ResQ photo shoot with Tessa, a gorgeous, happy girl who was very attentive to her people. i still haven't gone through the photos, but i felt that an outtake would be cute to share. this photo needs a funny caption. i shall soon be putting together the Underdog ResQ 2013…Read more tessa

catloaf, bunloaf

I love some of the caption suggestions for my last post. My favourite, though, has to be "Tuna? PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!" I find animals to be endlessly entertaining. Hence, my general niche of pet photography. While I've been shooting circus performers and belly dancers (both of which are going to be posted here…Read more catloaf, bunloaf


i snapped this photo of my neighbour's cat in 2009. it makes me laugh every time i look at it, but i have never quite been able to caption it. what are your thoughts?


today i photographed two rather hyperactive (but very cute!) pups and one unimpressed kitty. usually i have a few photos taken during a session that just beg for a macro. today, the kitty was unmoved by our attempts to get her attention to look cute in the general direction of the camera. ...she was on…Read more outtakes

everything will be okay.

today is my birthday. these days can bring introspection, moreso than on other days. today in particular i was thinking about how i arrived at where i am in life, and for once i'm confident that everything will be okay. a friend offered me reassurance about my anxieties, and to show this sentiment in a…Read more everything will be okay.


I finally have begonias on my porch. I finally washed all the winter sweaters and scarves. I finally enjoyed a day outside without getting chilly. It was quite the wait, but I'm glad that warm days are finally here! We spent some of Memorial Day weekend walking about, including a trip to Stone Zoo. I…Read more finally


Rubenesque Latex creates beautiful, sexy designs for confident, curvy women. Doll Hart strives to overcome the stereotype that latex only looks best on traditionally marketed bodies. Her finishing process for the latex creates a satiny feel that gets rid of the need to lube, adding to her creations' ease of wear. Become a fan on…Read more latex

too cuddly?

Lest you think that I'm all about fluff and cute, I tend to find beauty inherent in ALL animals. 🙂 shot in 2007, while photographing leopard geckos for the Your Happy Healthy Pet book series.


I adore goats. Something about their affable nature, nibbly and climby and bleaty, and the hours of comic entertainment. I help my friends at Sweet Meadow Farm with their yearly calendar, so I get to enjoy goat-fun a few times a year (note: they are NOT a petting zoo; rather, they have barn and horse…Read more goats

bowser claws

the flurry of the holiday began early for me; as soon as Halloween was over, I assembled my "studio" in my living room (it's a sad hodgepodge, but it works) and offered to do headshots for some practice. I ended up with the lions' share of photography projects, including catalogue shoots for two latex designers,…Read more bowser claws