catloaf, bunloaf

I love some of the caption suggestions for my last post. My favourite, though, has to be “Tuna? PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!”

I find animals to be endlessly entertaining. Hence, my general niche of pet photography. While I’ve been shooting circus performers and belly dancers (both of which are going to be posted here as soon as I find time), I always seem to return to my love of animals and pet photography.

I have some professional shots to share, but for now I wanted to give you a peek at the general Loafing About that happens in my home. Claudia, my poufy little elderkitty, is too dignified to allow herself to be captured in a Loafy position. So she takes care to only Loaf under the bed or in other choice spots that don’t allow for a snapshot.

Viktor, however, has no dignity. Here he is, taking up as much space as possible, following the Cat Rule of Space: the more space taken from your human is directly proportional to the level of cat-comfort achieved.

Right before I snapped this, his back paws were fully extended, and his front paws were even stretched further than they are now.

Harvey, our current buntacular and fluffy houseguest, is a marshmallow of a bunny. And a bit of a cuddleslut, too. I had set up a small makeshift pen for him, but then realized that he’s not really an escape artist. He’s more of a Loaf Artist. I removed the barrier, and he just stays on the rug in front of his travel cage. Viktor will roam over and groom him periodically; Viktor loves to groom and hang out with Harvey (video link).


Whenever Harvey deigns to explore past the traction-happy confines of the rug, he slips and slides over my hardwood floors. I’ve thought about getting video, but it’s more “awww” than funny. I think Harvey’s person would like for me to allow Harvey some shred of dignity, since I have already dressed him up. You know, like I do.




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