beautiful music

music has been on my mind lately. about how it has played a large role in most of my life, from early music lessons with violin and piano, to finding a longtime love through the beauty of a simple song lyric (and the ensuing love affair with the haunting strains of gothic music). while i…Read more beautiful music


i have many photos of pups at play. i'm going to use them to coerce people to send me various used dog toys, still in good condition, for a project. if you have gently-used dog toys, whether they are squeaky toys, balls, lone sneakers, or anything that can be considered a dog toy, please email…Read more ball!

catloaf, bunloaf

I love some of the caption suggestions for my last post. My favourite, though, has to be "Tuna? PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!" I find animals to be endlessly entertaining. Hence, my general niche of pet photography. While I've been shooting circus performers and belly dancers (both of which are going to be posted here…Read more catloaf, bunloaf

droll bunny

i find it interesting that bunnies tend to have very stoic faces (apropos of the 'disapproving bunny' memes about). despite being a rather cuddly, personable bunny, harvey still manages to have this very droll expression. imagine it: "really? you're going to wear that? in public?"   yes, harvey. i'm poking fun at you. i shall…Read more droll bunny


...because life just gets more awesome with bunnies. 🙂

everything will be okay.

today is my birthday. these days can bring introspection, moreso than on other days. today in particular i was thinking about how i arrived at where i am in life, and for once i'm confident that everything will be okay. a friend offered me reassurance about my anxieties, and to show this sentiment in a…Read more everything will be okay.


I finally have begonias on my porch. I finally washed all the winter sweaters and scarves. I finally enjoyed a day outside without getting chilly. It was quite the wait, but I'm glad that warm days are finally here! We spent some of Memorial Day weekend walking about, including a trip to Stone Zoo. I…Read more finally


I spent this weekend at the Steampunk World's Fair with my friend Tess. I'll soon post a bunch of photos, but I found this portrait of her to be just beautiful.


I adore goats. Something about their affable nature, nibbly and climby and bleaty, and the hours of comic entertainment. I help my friends at Sweet Meadow Farm with their yearly calendar, so I get to enjoy goat-fun a few times a year (note: they are NOT a petting zoo; rather, they have barn and horse…Read more goats

bowser claws

the flurry of the holiday began early for me; as soon as Halloween was over, I assembled my "studio" in my living room (it's a sad hodgepodge, but it works) and offered to do headshots for some practice. I ended up with the lions' share of photography projects, including catalogue shoots for two latex designers,…Read more bowser claws