dozer: see? tiny!

Here's a photo of Dozer, showing his tiny little wrinkled puppy self. Yes, you may audibly AWWWWW at your screen. 🙂

happy fourth of july…

here's Dozer, a little puppy whose tiny little paws are roughly about the size of a quarter. yep, this little guy needs to grow into his wrinkles.  i realize Dozer has essentially nothing to do with the fourth of july, but I seem to have a dearth of photos invoking patriotism. but i figure EVERY day…Read more happy fourth of july…


I thwear, you are just looking thpiffy today! Theriously, where did you get that enthemble? *adoring gaze*


but.. you won't take it away, will you? my nommy thing? mine! please? baroo?   sammy, photographed for a book. and obviously having some trust issues.


how are you feeling? stressed? you look tired. can i offer you a snorgle? it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend. maybe we can go romp in the park? you throw the ball, and i'll bring it back? or we can just cuddle? whatever you want. i'm here for you. daniel. half pup, half marshmallow.…Read more therapup

friday feline

warm billowy fleece whiskers twitch; all is peaceful in the feline world delilah kitten. 2004.

is not a carrot.

looks like it might be fun. makes a strange noise when i nose-bunt it. but, it is not a carrot. i've been cute for you. you have photos. where's my carrot? *nose bunt*, still not a carrot. (2006)

cat therapy

  you almost want to put a pair of spectacles on him and tell him about your stress, don't you?


why, monday? why must you stare at me like that? i had just gotten over you a week ago, and here you are, all caffeinated and expecting me to, you know, *do* stuff... this bed is so cozy. mmmmf.

thursday’s bunny is full of grace

i cannot look at a bunny without thinking of my friend Michelle. and then i feel everything is right in the world, because bunnies are adorable and Michelle is adorable. it's sort of a circular bun-logic thing.

i say no to donuts.

there is something oddly therapeutic about sad, cute animals. they will plead at you with giant, watery eyes for that treat you have hidden behind your back. they will look askance at you before bounding off into their safe haven. they will baroo? at you until you give them that soft belly rub or scritches behind…Read more i say no to donuts.


Because I haven't posted in a while... From a visit to the Biodome. I adore Macaws in general, and the brilliant blue of these two stood out so beautifully against the leaves. They were grooming each other.


in 2005 my husband and i visited St. Martin. We stayed at Baie Orientale, a beautiful beach with fine white sand and crystal water, protected by distant mountains. It was gentle. Calm. Two years later, I met a beautiful family with a collection of rescue pups (and rats, and hammies, and chickens!), one of which…Read more baie


yesterday i said goodbye to a close friend (i'm moving to washington, d.c. next week), and boarded the green line train to boston. exhausted from the stress of a divorce and moving to a new city, i sat down and closed my eyes for a while. when i opened my eyes, the train was full and…Read more cookie

new year

rather than the weighty resolutions, i'd like to resolve to break a record for cat-snorgling, write something pithy and nonsensical at least once per week, or perhaps calculate the ooze-momentum of various brands of caramel. (that last one was inspired by Cadbury's Dairy Milk caramels, which seem to hold their shape until you have the…Read more new year


Maverick wa such a patient model for the Underdog ResQ holiday shoot. Those EARS - you can't even see the reindeer antlers!

the holidays are better with sock monkeys.

Brandy seems to think so. You should get your own sock monkey! Broken ornaments? Sock monkey did it. All the brandy is gone? You know that cheeky little monkey did it. Really, they're all-purpose monkeys...


Continuing the parade of pups from the LaundroMutt photo shoot to benefit Underdog ResQ, I bring you... a fluffy Husky! Seriously. Have you ever SEEN a fluffy Husky? I certainly hadn't, until Meeka sauntered into the studio and had us all wrapped around her fluffy little paws in minutes. Isn't she gorgeous?